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SOUTH AFRICA: A FUN Beach House Experience in Cape Town

SOUTH AFRICA:  A Fun Beach Penthouse Experience in Cape Town

We had an opportunity to rent for a few days a penthouse by the beach in an upscale neighbourhood near Cape Town.

Our friends from Johannesburg came and joined us on the fun days we had.

Getting ready for the flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town

Penthouse view of the beach, Table Mountain and Lion's head

Just us guys hanging out and doing fun things.

Sunset wine on the veranda

It was our friend's birthday, so we celebrated it by having a dinner cruise around the harbour of Cape Town.

Some of our fun excursions around the city. We had a fun visit.

SWITZERLAND: A Day Adventure around Zurich and environs.

SWITZERLAND:  A Day Adventure around Zurich and it's Environs.

Our flight to South Africa had twice a full day stop over in Zurich, which is probably the only reason why we went to Switzerland or even Zurich. Due to several hours between flights which we went out of the airport each time and explored the city.

We tried a local pastry which has plums in it.

We visited Uetliberg which is just outside of Zurich city centre. It is also at Uitikon.
There is a pleasant stroll in a forest countryside feeling and an upscale hotel is at the top of the way, named Uto Kulm.   We enjoyed some Swiss wine and relaxed in the atmosphere for a while.

We did enjoy an entertaining experience in the Zurich Airport at a whiskey tasting.

SOUTH AFRICA: A Perfect Picnic at Warwick Winery in Western Cape

SOUTH AFRICA:  A Perfect Picnic at Warwick Winery in Western Cape

We had a fabulous opportunity with our two South African guys and their new son to experience a picnic on a famous South African winery on its historic property in the wine region of the Western Cape, near Cape Town.

We tried Pino Noir and the Cabernet Franc. We enjoyed Cabernet Franc immensely.

Our picnic box with interesting gourmet things to try.

We had perfect weather for the picnic, the sunshine made us feel relaxed and lazy. A perfect Sunday thing to do, on Monday!

 another pour? why not

MOZAMBIQUE: A Fabulously Perfect Weekend at a Guys' Maputo Beach House

MOZAMBIQUE: A Fabulously Perfect Weekend at the Guys' Maputo Beach House

It was a guys' reunion which went absolutely perfect! A group of 5 Mozambican guys,whom we have met from our last trip to Macaneta at our friend's beach house, 2 South African guys and 2 from the USA all arranged to rendezvous together at a private, intimate beach house in Maputo. 
The beach house was modern, comfortable, each of us had our own spacious bedroom with en-suite, air-conditioned and comfort. It was very private with high walls so we were free to do whatever, I mean, whatever we wanted to do. The guys appearing throughout the visit were an addition to the fun and excitement which was already occurring.
Our friends were wonderful in the kitchen and cooked our dinners Mozambique style and it was perfect!  We were near the fish market, so we had, fish!

 In the beach house we had a fully equipped kitchen with microwave, dishes and stove.  We all had teamwork together to manage all the logistics with cleaning and cooking, and it was wonderful.

 Our dinners out under the Mozambican moonlight 

 There was a swing on the property which I enjoyed sitting and swinging in, and even at the dinner table!

A perfect sized wading pool was in the centre of the property which was part of the exciting guys' energy. We enjoyed it day and night.


 Wading pool fun at night! I love them all!

( We are showing only the censored photos)

Our hearts felt so sad on the last day when we had to leave, but we felt assured that we will definitely meet again soon.

On our way back to South Africa.

We want to experience different parts of Mozambique as the country is huge and so many opportunities to have!