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Jerusalem: Whole Health Forum

Jerusalem:  Whole Health Forum

We were participants in a week long retreat in a retreat centre just of side of Jerusalem.
The agenda was full but there was a sense of calmness and a laid back atmosphere.

We were lucky enough to have a space among many of the other men in the men's dorm room. Our space was on the top floor.

 There was a cool veranda among nice gardens where we enjoyed local Kosher wines whenever we wanted to.

Some of the lads who worked on the property.

Jerusalem: Our Princely Experience at Crowne Plaza Hotel Jerusalem

During our stay in Jerusalem, we chose to stay at Crowne Plaza Jerusalem hotel. It was in a convenient location and a great place to unwind and feel pampered after busy times in the city.
We had arrived in the morning, before our room was ready, so the men in the front desk allowed us entry to the swimming pool!
There were resting capolas in the area, with a mattress so one can laze about around the pool area.

We had access to the VIP lounge on the top floor. We got bottles of wine, sandwiches, cookies, coffee, snacks and even one dinner! It was very cozy, open 24 hours, and we felt important!

Jerusalem : Our Jerusalem Experience

Our Jerusalem Experience

Jerusalem is one of those places which is more challenging to process and describe the feeling. The atmosphere in the city is, as expected, rather intense. There are all the energies of the religions in the "Holy Land", with all the hidden drama and feelings. I suppose I would more accurately describe it from my viewpoint, that Jerusalem is like an old uncle who "had really experienced a lot of it." 
Tel-Aviv has a youthful and playful feeling, whilst The Holy City is, well, holy, and more sombre, more potentially volatile in emotion, ideology, etc.

view point from up the stairs nearby

 en encounter at one of the narrow winding souqs.

 some fun lads on a back street near  Mesjid al-Aqsa

 cute guys at an olive market at Mekhane Market

  The view when stepping out on the veranda when we had special access to dinner, wine and snacks on the VIP lounge in Crowne Plaza Hotel Jerusalem

  I LOVE spice markets!

We were in Jerusalem during the Sabbath, and all establishments were closed, except a lively place on a back street. We had a fun dinner and watched a lively scene!

رأس الناقورة‎ Experiencing the Ras Nikora Grottos

 رأس الناقورة‎   Experiencing the Ras Nikora Grottos

 Ras Nikora/ Rosh Hanikora in Hebrew has an interesting history. This place has served as a passage point for trade caravans and armies between Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Egypt, and Africa. During the Second World War, South African forces blasted railway tunnels through the nearby rocks for trains running along the Cairo-Istanbul line. The British tried to make a train from Haifa to Beirut through here but the war halted all of these plans.
A cable car, which they claim as 'the steepest in the world" carries people down below for access to the grotto.

Water waves crashing into the soft chalky rock and making formations, and nice views!
In Roman times there was a passage through here, but destroyed during the Israel war.

A permanent battle ship is located behind us in the sea.

The "Ladder of Tyre". Right behind me is Lebanon.

The man in this photo is our private driver who took us here on a day trip from Akko. He was former police and military man.

AKKO: Experiencing an Ancient City from the Crusaders

AKKO: Experiencing an Ancient City from the Crusaders

Akko is one of those very ancient cities which was in existence for more than 4,000 years. It became a Crusader and also an Ottoman city. Besieged and invaded by many, it has an amazing history.
Apostles Peter and Paul also stayed in Akko.
Today, the population in Old Akko is predominantly Arab, and the Jews made their section in a newer part of the city outside of the walled area ( Al-Jazzar)

We stayed in the Old City and experienced Akko with an Arabic flavour. Staying in a "luxury flat" named "Zarqa",

our large place was fit for a prince or princess, with a room dedicated to our own hot tub, and modern showers.

Great detail of attention was given to make our stay comfortable. Abdullah was our gracious host and was very attentive to us the whole time we stayed there. We had our breakfast brought up to our room. 

It was fun to wander around the narrow streets and back ways around the old city.

One would imagine if the walls and streets could talk what stories would told!


Most hours of the day, one could see cars passing by with virile Arab guys who were cruising around driving  up and down the streets, and along the seaside drive. At night the cars would drive slowly around, with hunky Arab men, making me wonder if what fun activities they were in search of!  

The Templar during the Crusaders eras built a secret tunnel under the city to assist European pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem, protecting them from hostile Muslims. This was discovered very recently!

I found the feeling in Akko to be fun and feel very happy that we paid a visit to that once important and historic city.