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QUERETARO Mexico: A day trip on the Cheese and Wine Trail

Queretaro: A Day Trip on the Cheese and Wine Trail

We got an opportunity to experience a fun day trip with our wonderful Couchsurfing hosts to a cheese factory and a winery on the "Wine and Cheese Trail".
After the tour of the winery, there is a paella dinner served with a glass of wine from the winery, served outside with the vineyards surrounding us as our view.

Boarding a comfortable bus the three-hour ride to the location seemed to go quickly as we fell asleep.

                our Couchsurfing friends Raul and Isaac

             We like the fancy nets we had to wear

Upon arrival we all had some samples of the cheese produced at the cheese factory which was set in a bucolic farmhouse feel with a cellar underground where the cheese would age. The explanations were only in Spanish, but we had an idea of how cheese was made, so it was easy to look at the demonstrations.

Next was a stop at a winery which was not far away. Again, the explanations were only in Spanish. We looked at all the bottles and wine barrels which were deep down in a cool cellar.

At the end of the winery, we went to a large area of tables and were served paella, which was probably Mexican style paella, or an interpretation of what they thought paella was. 

                our friends ordered portobello mushroom- maybe they knew better?

The glass of wine which they produced was really nice and we bought another bottle to open and share so that it would overshadow the paella. The ambiance had a lively and fun atmosphere.

We after the meal strolled around the grounds and rested in the shade under a large tent. 

After some moments of leisurely rest, we boarded the bus again and headed back to Mexico City and arrived after nightfall.

Our Couchsurfing friends made our walking back have a romantic feel to it as we experienced a stroll past some beautiful buildings which they were proud of.

MEXICO CITY: My Impressions Experiencing the World's Largest City

MEXICO CITY: My Impressions Experiencing the World's Largest City

I  put Mexico City on the list of my favourite cities in the world among places like Shiraz, Bangkok, Cairo, Prague and more.
We stayed not in hotels but our preferred CouchSurfing experience with a wonderful gay male couple which allowed us to feel the city more from a local perspective. We also have made some new friends!
When our plane was in the final minutes before landing we flew over Mexico City and were impressed at how enormous the city was, and I was comparing it to how I felt when I was in Tokyo.

We used the Metro as our main means of transport around the city, which cost each time 5 Pesos. ( .25c USA) The metro was clean and felt safe. The amount of people using the metro was unbelievable!

 Each place we went there were huge amounts of people, of every kind. One of the fun things about Mexico City metro is flirting with cruisy handsome guys. We saw public displays of affection between gay men and lesbian encounters so freely for all to see, something which wouldn't take place in prudish and largely homophobic places in USA these days.

We found the traffic in the streets very crowded and competed with traffic jams in Bangkok or Los Angeles.  Riding the metro allowed us to only experience the Mexico City traffic only from the windows of our metro train as we sped over and around the gridlocked streets below.

Throughout our whole experience in the world's mega-metropolis, we never felt any feeling of harm or danger. We found everyone polite and humble in every encounter throughout our stay. A ubiquitous Police and other security presence seen throughout the whole city, along with cameras was similar to places like London.

The historic area of Mexico City reminded me of Madrid, Spain in many ways. 

We enjoyed wandering with the local people along the streets passing museums and other places Mexicans are proud of. We even experienced a peek of what Aztec life was like from an archeological discovery unearthed right in the middle of the city.

We were pleasantly surprised when we were ordering food in restaurants in Mexico city as the costs were very reasonable and the service was pleasant. We also sampled local street food on several occasions, tasting the local flavour. I experienced some pre-Hispanic indigenous flavours when I had worms, ants and friend grasshopper plate.

 It was wonderful! Chris had a hibiscus and watercress salad.

 We really enjoyed the nostalgic cafe culture. I enjoyed the hot cacao with churros like I experienced in Madrid a few years ago. Chris found an interest in Mexican wine as we sampled in wine bars too!

Being the largest city in the world, we only experienced a fraction of what happens there. We are looking forward to another visit to get a  clearer vibe or pulse of what makes that city and the millions of residents who call Mexico City home "tick". We hope to be invited to more homes and experience homemade cooking next time. 

Thank you Mexico City for a wonderful preview of more of your beauty and anticipating more to come in the near future!

Mardi Gras in Sydney, Australia: My experience

I want to share my experience of Mardi Gras in Sydney. They happen every year and each year is different with a new theme. The one I went to was as gay and wild party as ever!

Going with my Thai friend, we stayed with his friends living in Sydney. Therefore we stayed in a flat on top of a Thai restaurant, and stayed in another Thai guy house which was a moment's walk from the parade route. This saved us a lot on hotels and gave us a glimpse on living locally.
The customs and immigration in Sydney airport was so strict, they THOROUGHLY went through my travel bag with a fine toothed comb!( I arrived off a Bangkok flight if that influenced it )  I am not the drug looking or hippy looking type, so I can't imagine what treatment they would get.

During the Mardi Gras festival there were plenty of drugs and intoxicating things to get into, and I did have my samples of this, but since we were dancing from night until dawn anything I did take burned off and I didn't get any side effects or hangovers!

I remember the music, the lights and dancing being really good and fun, lots of attractive people everywhere. We went pub hopping and saw crazy drag shows. The parade was great fun too, and in my opinion beat the Pride Parades in San Franscisco several times over. More fun and less politics.

After Mardi Gras festival was over, we did our independant tour around Sydney seeing the ubiquitous places which are icons of the city,

and the surrounding towns. We also went to a small nude beach and splashed briskly in the sea as it was too cold to swim.

Other than the typical beef pasties and cornish pies (The kinds I would eat in England- sort of) I had mostly Thai food because of our friends.

If I did have an opportunity to visit Australia again, I would venture around Melbourne area next time, and of course try to experience it locally and not so much like a tourist would.
Any suggestions?

NEW ZEALAND: North Island (and a bit of South Island)

I have been lucky to have visited New Zealand two times so far in my life. 
I really like New Zealand. I find Kiwis to be more English than the English in England- they are kind and polite, and remind me of the folks in the small towns in Britain. The food in New Zealand is typically British, and has a lot of lamb on the menu. I must say that I am partial to British ales and beer and the old British pubs more than the New Zealand variety. Maybe I haven't experienced the other pubs and brews in the country to make a fair assessment yet?

                    source  internet

The first trip I made to mainly the North Island, staying with a gay friend of mine in Auckland who owned a gay porn shop with a big cruising and glory hole maze business in the downtown area. In the evenings we went to every gay bar in Auckland. He dressed me up appropriately to his  own taste when we had our nights out together. I even got bare buttocks spankings in a leather bar there!
Auckland is a typical friendly city which looks like San Francisco a bit.

source  internet

I went to Wellington for the day and had a dinner and a chance to try New Zealand ale at a pub which reminded me of one in England. Wandering around that city's iconic places like the "Bee Hive" (Parliament bldg) and typical High Street shopping and market areas. The city becomes a ghost town at night as everyone clears out, so I spent my night at a clever youth hostel.

Taking a ferry across from North Island to South Island at Tipton, I was on my way to a wonderful gay guest accommodation called Autumn Farm ( www.autumnfarm.com)

  in an area called Takaka, Golden Bay. This is a wonderful clothing optional establishment for gays run by two wonderful guys both named Peter. One being a horticulturalist, the gardens are pristine with flowers, a wonderful garden where the salad ingredients come from, and fruit trees all over the property. The main house has several rooms for rent and a large kitchen were guests get to prepare group dinners. Evening is wine and cheese and great conversation! I was on the WOOF programme where I would work for a few hours and would therefore get my accommodation and food for free. ( I couldn't afford to pay to stay there)- Jobs would be things like collecting some fruit or nuts, shoveling animal manure, assisting with jobs around the property, the composting, etc. I fed for the first time some sheep- They came up to me as I fed them acorns and two of them kissed me on my nose. I felt so very touched by them. There were many nice guys at this place who would be playful and also during the day would make small trips locally to places like Cape Farewell and Farewell spit. 

                    source  internet

I galloped playfully along a green hill way in which I could see down below the ocean- I felt like I was Mary Poppins or someone like that!


The other time I visited New Zealand was during one Christmas when I was not able to fly home. I spent the holiday with my English friend at his relatives home in Coromandel Peninsula area. I also went to soak in the natural hot spring rivers in Taopu. They are natural and non commercial and most of all FREE!

                   source  internet

It was amazing to crawl to the middle of the river where the water gets hot, and relax in the healing comfortable water.

I very much look forward in the future to visit more of the South Island. There is a whole different world of scenery, geographical amazment and way of life there, waiting for a few friends and me to explore. Do you want to come with me too?

CURITIBA BRAZIL: A Visit to the Curitiba Bird Park

Curitiba Brazil: A Visit to the Curitiba Bird Park

Curitiba has some interesting parks, and our friend showed us this one. There is a small exercise park inside, but also a bird park. Being in South America and with the famous Amazon area, we naturally assumed there would be some interesting birds to see. 

The birds mostly were in huge cages and looked and behaved like detainees which have been locked in too long and are competing for your attention to let them free. 

 Each cage had an exotic bird, coming from different areas of Brazil as well as South America. Each one sang and competed with the birds in the next cage, making a cacophonous symphony for us who were nearby.
 We were certainly entertained by the different beautiful colours of the birds as well as their songs, or perhaps, pleas for help to be free?

There was a green area nearby which had many joggers and cruisy looking men going around- with the birds being in the background - perhaps is a space for meeting new friends. Looking up behind the bird cages we spied some open windows of apartment buildings just nearby. We would only imagine the constant bird sounds coming through those windows! 

There was a section of the park which also had a few monkeys climbing from branch to branch- this was fun to see also.

It is really fun to explore and experience the small nooks and secrets hidden inside and around the city of Curitiba, and around the state of Parana.