Are all beers in Estonia great like this?

Whilst on a visit to Chicago, I had an opportunity to buy some beer from Estonia, Saku. When I opened the bottle I instantly knew I was in for a unique treat! It reminded me more of a porter style, but unique in a caramel taste. I gave it 100 points! Are all the other beers in Estonia great like this? ( What are the old pubs like in Estonia?)

Favourite beer from Czech Repubic:  Krusovica ( every style), Gambrinus, Plzenski Prazdroj  (Pilsner Urquell), Staropramen
Favourite beer from Poland: Zywiec, (especially the porter), Tatra ( strong) Tyski
Favourite beer/ales from UK:  McEwans Ale, Newcastle Brown Ale, New Castle Summer Ale
Murphy’s porter, Bass, Mole’s Mole Catcher


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