Egypt: A Date With "Stella"

Egypt is for the most part an Islamic country, but there are also Christians and many tourists. Hence there are some choices of beer and even wine- produced in Egypt!

I tasted Sakkara beer, it comes in a tall can and the alcohol content was 10%. My favourite beer in Egypt is STELLA- it is smooth, and refreshing and can be sold in special shops ( I saw them in Alexandria) as well as in places where tourists are.  I went to a nostalgic looking bar in Alexandria which felt back in time, to an era when iconic singer Umm Khalthom  ام كلتوم would sing.  In this bar were mostly Egyptian men in their mid- 50s , and Umm Khalthom music was playing.
A huge mural painting of Umm Khalthom was on the wall. I enjoyed the moments of that place, and I also enjoyed 
the Stella beer.


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