Nilgiri, India: Detox Mountain Spa

I had a wonderful, intimate experience at a traditional ancient Indian medicine ( Ayurveda) Spa / detox place.
I love Indian food so I thought that the food was wonderful. The staff was very kind and the 4 hand massages by two very cute guys, in which I am completely naked and resting on a wooden table is a humbling but male bonding experience. Some of the body massages can feel a bit erotic as the masseur rubs your buttocks in a method which opens them apart, fully exposing the anus. Another guy just for fun examined the inside of my anus as I was resting on the table! After your massage or other treatment, the male masseur personally soaps your body and washes you down! I had 4 different guys massage me and wash my body! After the treatments at this place one feels superb and invigorated! This place's location is in the cool Nilgiri mountains in South India, and close to the famous village Ooty, your cozy and modern cottage is surrounded by tea fields, wonderful nature walks, culture attractions and kind people- new friends! I 100% recommend this true value for money treat!
Unique Qualities: private retreat spa like centre, far from mosquitos, noise, pollution, heat and sticky weather. Cool during the day and you definately need a jacket at night. really great food, KIND and intimate staff, and wonderful opportunity to make new friends from around the world!

Comparison: More expensive than average
Price: US$40-80

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