A Gulf Country: Mortified by police visit


                                                     ( internet photos)

I was working in a Gulf country, and had a flat on Abha Road, near Hotbread Bakery, from my job. It was the first few months for me to live there and I will admit I wasn't the most courteous person in the building. Doors slammed, even though a sign was posted not to slam the door, my friends pressed every button for each apartment to ring to find me, eventually pressing mine to get my attention. Later when they arrived there would be loud laughter and talking,running up and down the stairs, etc. One day, I had quite a few friends in my flat, and a few of them were pre-occupied on their mobile phones for a long time. Everyone was being comfortable as they would take off their thobes and ghutra (traditional dress) and feel natural in just wearing their underwear when staying with me in my flat. Some of the guys were talking on the phone at different times and laughing loudly,and it felt like a wild party. Later during the afternoon, someone was knocking loudly at my apartment door. When I opened the door I saw a policeman standing there!
His appearance was not like the usual police, but his demeanor and looks were more like the "testosterone" type of policeman. His short sleeves on his police uniform were rolled up high past his biceps, ( I was a bit shocked !)  and dark shades covering his eyes.
                             (internet photos)

 He came into my flat, saying that I was noisy. He made on of  my friends take down my undershorts and he spanked me hard that I really cried! I never had such stinging buttocks!Spanked right in front of my friends! I was so embarrassed! After spanking me, he penetrated inside me hard- making me even more embarrassed as my friends watched. Later I came to know that the policeman was a friend of my friends in the room with us all, but still working as a real policeman in the city! What a crazy feeling. When all my friends left he stayed behind a bit and completed his work on my buttocks and also inside them! This taught me a lesson and I always kept this in mind whenever I made some noise in my flat.

I wondered what the other tenants in my building were thinking when they saw a police car parked below my flat. Maybe they had a sense of relief that I am getting my just punishments?

In public, in the Arab Gulf countries, everyone has a reserved demeanor but in a private flat all things happen!

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