Alexandria, Egypt: A faded but graceful elderly lady

An ancient city by the sea,Alexandria's first impressions for me where one of a very old lady who experienced much in her life, has many stories and although faded she still keeps her graceful character and beauty.

Cairo feels more Arabic and a "big city" feel, but Alexandria has a more Mediterranean feel like city which belongs in Greece or someplace like that.
Even many of the people look a mix from other places- even though they are Egyptian!

I found the people there more kind and smiled more than in the Eastern part of the city. I really enjoyed walking along the Corniche, seeing different people walking with me and holding conversations with guys who were curious who I was and after a while offered to have a sheesha, or tea and another instance an ice cream along with six teenage guys whose hormones were running on overload! I enjoy the sheesha shops where one could hear nostalgic music from Umm Khalthoum a famous iconic singer 

(I love to listen to her music especially at night!),

where I can also have a nice strong "ahwa" , with more jokes and conversations with men there following whatever else might happen."Welcome" could be heard everywhere I went! I walked through the souqs ( the spice market and vegetable markets were wonderful!) and narrow streets, where being called into a shop to chat heart to heart with other guys gave a special feeling! I feel I have made a real relationship with Egypt and I will want to maintain that relationship for always!

I didn't go to see the tourist places like ancient tombs or the famous big Library but preferred experiencing local people and try local ways- (there is a fun bar which made one feel one went back in time, has a big painted wall above the door of Umm Kalthoum and her music played the whole time I was there. Riding the local tram across the city for 25 Paistres is probably one of the more cheaper fares I ever paid for public transport (along with Addis Ababa) and it gives an interesting aspect of the city.


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