Bangkok: After the dance club fun

Bangkok: After the Dance clubs

Oh my goodness! Bangkok is one of my favourite places for fun- it is one of my homes. I would go to the usual Silom Sois for gays. DJ Station and the surrounding hangouts were the best, but according to my mood and the mood of my friends with me of course. We would get a drink from one of the establishments, and walk in between all three of them carrying our glass or beer with us. There we can take a glimpse of cute guys, flirt with them, and, when the dance floor gets busy, fly into there before there is absolutely no room to move or to dance! Bodies rubbing each other, shirts coming off, (of course the hunkiest shirtless guys get up on the stage and gyrate like there is no tomorrow). 

If you are feeling claustrophobic you can push your way toward the stairs leading to the second or even the more naughty and cruisy third level of the dance floor where guys are hanging around and posing, strutting their stuff. The third level is a bit darker and with less guys but still thundering from the loud music of the club. There is a smoking section but I didn't ever go inside that area.

After the last song and the closing of all the clubs in the area, the crowds  would all file and push out and the small soi would become a huge traffic jam of guys and queens, everyone cruising each other, eyeing as to look who is leaning on whose shoulder, who is taking which cute guy back home, or also trying to avoid eye contact with the guy who was "done" last weekend. Many of the guys in a group congregate at the noodle hawkers or kao mungai (rice and chicken) where one would hear the guys cackle and laugh, as these food establishments stay around until very early in the morning!
 If you were fancied by someone or a few, you would be boldly approached with a smile and handed a card or just invited to come with him to an after the clubs private party. These parties are usually at some rich guys place in a villa (behind a huge wall) so activity couldn't be seen, or at a high rise pent house. I was invited on different occasions to experience both styles of parties. One was an underwear party, which cute guys pranced and cruised around on a roof top of a penthouse just wearing revealing undershorts, with music,more dancing and of course sex would be happening in the bedrooms. The feeling was really exciting! Unfortunately I heard that there are  increasing numbers of parties in which drugs are used. I am not interested in these dangerous parties.
 The parties would last until the sun comes up and therefore easier to take the bus home, as taking a taxi to my place would be very expensive and probably  would be cheaper to stay at a small hotel!  I try to avoid taking a taxi unless it is an emergency as taxi drivers can be a sinister lot!


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