Dubai, UAE: Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi Water Park and other events of serendipity - Dubai, UAE 

This is a truly wonderful waterpark! It is near Joumeriah Beach, in Dubai. I went early morning when only a few people were there (mostly guys!!) and I enjoyed immensely. There is a changing room where I was not shy about undressing. The waterslides, which are fast and fun, and not a long queue to go on them. When playing on the waterslides, one uses a rubber tyre doughnut. When you finish the ride you plunge afterward in a pool of water and feel a bit disoriented for a moment. Hot guys are there to assist you onto the next ride. I went down the slide and my swimming costume came down and my butt was exposed! The hunky guy looked at me and smiled! ( I was hoping he would help me pull them back up?) 

There is a lazy river ride,which goes around the waterpark and is also fun to swim in. Lots of guys smiling and, in the mornings it is a playful, guys atmosphere. Later in the day more families were arriving and I saw females also arriving, which would mean that the guys would be more reserved and less playful. More eyes would be watching and it would be less fun.  I was leaving at that time. The entrance fee is a bit dear but totally worth the price!


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