Kathmandu, Nepal Ayurvedic Massage

If you like to get your joints and body pampered for few days, get an Ayurvedic massage and body detox, in Nepal! Ayurveda is an ancient practice of health and medicine coming from India but is practiced in most of South Asia.

Ayurvedic Health Home is located in an area called Dhalpasi, in a Kathmandu neighbourhood, away from dusty streets and tourist places and is the place to go if you want to experience Ayurvedic treatments. I stayed there for three days and tried the ayurvedic massages,(they have other programmes for longer times such as "pancha karma" which is a few weeks long,  as well as other ancient ayurvedic treatments) I experienced the ayurvedic Himalayian herb body scub, where two very nice Nepali guys give you a four hand massage over your completely naked body. Humbling and a good male bonding experience! I even got a gentle, playful spank at the completion of my massage in which we both laughed together. Among other treatments I had was  a Basti, which warm oil is gently poured over your forehead. When I was thinking about it I thought it was just a hokus pokus kind of routine treatment, but I must say that it really works! Another kind of basti which I had was in which  a reservoir made of dough is formed over your chest and warm scented oil is poured into the reservoir along with different herbs. Chanting and different movements are done over your body, also body steaming ( personal sauna) and spine treatment. I had a personal yoga session for 3 days.
Everything and everyone is very professional  and very astute to your particular needs and they are meticulously cared for. I was treated the whole time with love- as if I were some long time returning customer they knew for years. 
I stayed in the guest house, run by the treatment centre, next door  which was convenient as the centre was on a back road which one could very easily get lost finding - even when walking around locally ( at night- I have bad night vision). 
The guest house was modern, clean and, since it was in a Nepali home, it felt like I was staying in a Nepali house- and spent many early morning moments on the roof and verandah watching magical sunrises and smelling incense in the air, and watching others carry on about their daily lives in other homes down below. 
Food is cooked in the guest house by local women.It is clean and very delicious and plentiful, and is made according to your special needs ( pitta, and 2 other body needs, I forget exactly what they are)

The owners of the Ayurvedic Health Home made EVERY effort to look after you- The German doctor (Dr. Milies Forster) has a loving personality and possesses wisdom and is meticulous about the way things are run- German style! so you know there is quality.
The Nepali Doctor ( Dr. Koirala) is very conscientious and very kind - he and Dr. Milies ( the German doctor) spend a lot of personal time and personal resources for local causes which is incredible.The massage guys are very gentle, polite, cute and make you feel comfortable, especially when you are naked in of front them the whole time, you have a humbling but a bonding experience  in another culture. Finally, The thing which touched me the most is getting loving hugs from both doctors  when I as leaving.

How often do you get hugs from YOUR doctors?
I would wholeheartedly recommend this place and I am really looking forward to visiting and getting treatments there again.


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