Los Feliz, CA: Palermo Italian Eatery

Our friend and LA expert Camillo took us for a fun Saturday evening to  a lively Italian restaurant called Palermo in Los Feliz, a neighbourhood in Los Angeles. He invited three of his friends to join us, whose names were Jose, and also Jay and Diego who are both partners.

Palermo restaurant was filled with a crowd of people which spilled out into the waiting area, which is also lined with bottles of wine which were for sale. Clients were standing in this area because Palermo restaurant serves small plastic glasses of wine for free whilst waiting for your table.

Already feeling in a good mood after having a few tastes of red wine, we get to our table which seated all of us, which had an intimate feeling still in a very lively, party atmosphere. 

There was a funny Mexican accordion player who went from table to table, improvising into his songs the names of guests at the table in a humorous and at times, embarrassing manner. Laughter, boisterous voices singing happy birthday could be heard from other tables, making it challenging to hear what our server was saying to us or even our friend next to us, which made the atmosphere light and fun.

Our pizza, various assortments of bread and sautéed mushrooms were tasty and filling, and the sampling of different Italian desserts such as Spumoni cake, and chocolate cake were comforting for our taste buds but a threat to the waistlines of some of us, and were just another facet of different sensations we were experiencing at that restaurant that night.

Flashy white faerie lights lined the ceiling giving a festive feeling and also  shined on various curios such as portraits of travel art, maps and scenes of Italy, and an occasional artifact of "something Italian". Portraits of famous celebrities who patronized the restaurant lined the walls which gave a family feeling to the place.


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