Lasagna made by an Italian mama, Latina Italy - Cannonau Red Wine

This night we experienced the taste of an authentic lasagna, lovingly made by the hands of our Raniero's mother, who lives in a mountain village outside of Rome, in Latina region.

We have tasted many kinds of lasagna which were store bought in the USA, that had thick noodles and had a processed taste, heavy on ground meat, and also heavy on cheese which made the pasta an afterthought, somewhere in the back ground. The lasagna we experienced today was refreshingly different.

"The pasta, made from scratch, was rolled out by hand, and has an egg" claims our Raniero." The beef was ground by hand, in the village", he added. The pasta had a thin, silky texture that melts in your mouth, and the meat and cheese taste were not dominant. It was a delightful seven layer delicacy which has set the bar for all future lasagna dishes.

Raniero promises us a journey to his mountain village where we can meet his parents, and also taste more authentic regional favorites of his, hopefully making those our new favorites!

See the red wine paring here. A recommendation from Dr. Oz.


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