Verona, Italy: Giardinetto - All you can eat Pizza

Yes all you can eat pizza in Italy a new concept to this area and it was a hit at €10pp. The pizza options varied, some with tuna, potato, mushroom, salami, and oh did I mention broccoli? 

But the highlight was of course the company, new "family" of the Bear persuasion. I mean this was an absolutely wonderful time. Damiano, our host and his friends Mauro & Massimo partners, and Danielle. They grew up in small villages in the north of Italy. They all speak english - a Whippet breeder, an artisan, a techy, and a chemist. One of our new friends enjoys the annual trip to Munich for Oktoberfest, not to mention the others recent trip to the Chicago Bear Pride.

The evening would not be complete without the house wine, a Merlot from the local area and a German beer, Paulaner. Why German? This area was occupied by several nations one being Germany. 

Italians traditional end the evening with a "digestive", for me just another excuse to try an alcoholic beverage - this traditional digestive, a "Sorbeto" made with sorbet and vodka.

We were so happy to meet these new found brothers so diverse yet so much in common. Thank you for such a wonderful time. We do hope you are able to join us for Damiano's homemade Risoto.


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