Czech Republic: Křivoklát Castle

Křivoklát Castle

This beautiful Czech castle, which was built in the 1200s  has a gruesome and checkered history. The story goes that one of the princesses, who long ago, lived in this castle, wanted to maintain her beauty. In order to do this, she had a prison dungeon which she kept beautiful young maidens. There she would torture them, and use their blood to keep herself beautiful and young! 

There also is a spooky owl tied up in the garden area- I wonder what that owl is a re-incarnation of? hmmmmm. This castle had many weapons on display as well as the dungeon where the princess did her tortures. The grounds are very beautiful to relax in.

This castle had MANY tourist groups walking around as it seemed to be popular with its "enchanted" history?!! My lovely Czech friend took me here, which in spite of all the other tourists, made this visit extra special.


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