The Bulgarian Black Sea: Taking in Sea and Sun Cheaply

Lozenec- Лозенец-  is a very small village on Bulgaria's Black Sea around 70 kg from Burgas, Bulgaria. There are many villages along the Black sea, full of holidaymakers mostly from Czech Republic and Bulgaria.Each area has a simple resort, the beachside, and small shops and restaurants catering mostly to the tourists. I think the infrastructure for tourists in this town is adequate  for locals but very lacking for tourists coming from Western Europe, Canada and USA. All the signs and street signs are written in Cyrillic and almost no one speaks any other language other than Bulgarian, Russian and some Czech due to the many Czech holiday makers going there. This could be a very refreshing change and different for visitors from the West. I was definitely a novelty to the locals when they learned where I was from. People working in the shops and restaurants and other service industry jobs still have the socialist manner of doing things, ( caustic personalities, broody looks on their face, quick to get frustrated and angry at customers, etc). I have not been long in Bulgaria but one could see that the life for local people is very difficult still, just by looking at people's faces, and in their eyes.

I managed to sample a lot of the local Bulgarian specialties which are tasty, as well as the refreshing local beers and wine which are cheap compared to other places in Europe as Bulgarian money is inexpensive. I came on this trip as a very inexpensive  package when I was in Czech Republic. The package included the transport by chartered bus from Brno to Bulgaria, and also included breakfast, and dinner as well as lodging which was nice as I had a veranda where I sat with a beer and watched everything below. .
On the bus journeying to Bulgaria I met some Czech people who were very lovely. They befriended me the whole time I was in Bulgaria and we learned from each other and kept each other company. We behaved like a large group together and even though I couldn't speak Czech, we communicated in and understood each other and had memorable times together!

I enjoyed swimming in the Black sea ( the Black sea is actually a beautiful blue colour, but got the infamous name from the many deaths of sailors and the women who lost these sailors hence the sea earning it's name). The sea is not very salty and the waves are gentle to play and body surf on. Many holidaymakers bring plastic floating objects to play on the waves. The shore deepens gradually making it ideal for not so expert swimmers to practice more before venturing out into the deeper area. I enjoyed my trip to Bulgaria's Black sea and am interested in exploring more of the country in the near future, as there are many interesting local foods to try ( I especially enjoyed the dried venison sausage with fennel in it, and also various versions of stuffed peppers), the music, local traditional costumes and  The old Orthodox churches throughout the country would also be a highlight for my interests.


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