Manila Airport: My "Pre-boarding massage" experience by airport security guy.

I had an interesting experience with the "TSA" security when I was boarding a USA bound flight  from Manila this year. Everyone knows how thorough the security checks are on USA bound flights 

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In the airport queue, we (passengers) had to take off our shoes and hand them to be specially thoroughly checked over and not returned to us until we are in a boxed off area, cordoned off with the big cord around the whole sitting area around the gate for the flight. (I purposely brought with me a carry on which had nothing in it so I can go through hassle free) so I thought this process will be a breeze. The (I have to admit cute) Security man was on his knees and he thoroughly pat down and frisked my body, but he also thoroughly prodded, rubbed and squeezed "my thing", and I giggled and tried to show my embarrassment for him to realise what he was doing, but he continued squeezing and rubbing- I was embarrassed but remembered all the times when people brought bombs in their underwear, their shoes, would I be the first one to hide a bomb over "there"? 

I guess I want to say, if you enjoy getting groped by guys in security then this place is the one to go to.. Delhi airport has a couple of not bad looking security rub down guys too. When it was my turn to come up to get my frisk, I got a smile from him! (I think of it as a pre-boarding massage!) next time I am going through Delhi airport and see which queue which has a security frisk guy who is cute, and hope he gives me a massage to also reduce my stress levels of pre-boarding hassles!


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