FUNKIE FOODIE 3: Jim's Funkie Foodie cravings from the Middle East


I love the food in the Middle East! I travelled to most of the countries in that region, some of them multiple times, and after living there I made some of those foods my favourites. Now that I am away from the Middle East, I crave certain foods.  I love so many of the different foods and the traditions behind them, but I will show here only the foods that I crave from time to time.

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Falafel; There are several varieties of these made with different ingredients. The best falafel I ever had was in a small local restaurant in Damascus, Syria. These could be bought in the USA and also you can make your own from a box, but in my opinion they don't compare in their taste.

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Hummus: This is wonderful. It brings back nostalgia as I would go out with my friends to a small place called "Beirut Restaurant" in Doha, Qatar. It was a noisy place full of guys. This place had wonderful hummus and warm "ayysh ( Arabic bread) and we would   enjoy frequently. I make my own hummus too when I have taheeni available to use. However, I never dress it with paprika or anything.

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Baba ghanouj. grilled aubergine delight! I also make this on my own when I have taheeni available to use for this.

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This popular dinner found in Jordan ( I think it is a national dish), and at times in Syria is called Mansaf. It is made with lamb and jameed (جميد) 

The first time I had Mansaf was with my Jordanian friends in Amman. I remember sitting together on the floor with them and using my fingers to eat. I wasn't very good at using my fingers when eating in those early years, but today it is second nature for me.

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Khalaja cookie:  This cookie is made with cardamon, the top favourite spice of mine. I used to buy these in Qatar. They were wrapped in a green package and  were made in Saudi Arabia. ( but they were "Khaleeji" style and not Saudi style which are a bit different)

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I am far away from the Middle East, but I find Arabic and also Turkish coffee more satisfying than American coffee. I try to make my own, as you can see in my photo above. 

This is not a food but my favourite spice cardamon! If I were able to put this into everything I would definitely would!

This post is not exhaustive of my favourites of the Middle East. I would feel flattered if you introduced some of your favourites for me to try and I will welcome the idea!


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