Bangkok: One night in Bangkok

Thailand is one of the most tolerant countries in Asia for lesbians and gays and transgender people. They are very visible everywhere, and are in respectable positions in society. Bangkok as well as most of the other cities in Thailand have some kind of gay bar or even a gay sauna where guys could congregate together in.

Bangkok night life has a hedonist feel for both heterosexual as well as gay people with every kind of sexual persuasion is celebrated there. I will focus on the gay night life in Bangkok in this post.
Bangkok has many gay areas including Silom Street with Soi 2 and Soi 4 for dancing and pubs where tourists and Thais meet which are famous. When I arrived in Thailand for the first time, my Thai friends took me personally around all the places in Bangkok for gays.

Pratuchai: "The gate of men" as the name suggests. There are the more "sleazy" clubs and bars in this area. This alley is packed with go go bars, places where Thai muscle men parade on stage and strut their stuff only wearing a small pair of briefs. These guys are all for show and not all of them are gay. My friend paid the fee required if the client requested a particular guy for the evening, and managed to bring one of these muscle guys back to his room. He was greatly disappointed.

 I was taken to a club where the clientele were mostly Western men with some Japanese and Chinese men mixed in between them as the audience. These clubs, which serve drinks at highly inflated prices, have nightly shows where the Thai boy would have his chest decorated with illuminated paint, with his erection protruding from his briefs. As the evening progresses with different shows, usually the final show would be an erotic event which two Thai guys would swing from the ceiling and link together and have anal intercourse upon their joining of bodies. Erotic sound effects would be played in the back ground. 
Another bar which probably doesn't exist any longer had some under age boys, standing in a row completely naked on stage, covering their private area whilst simulating a masturbation scene. 

Outside the bars are attractive touts who grab you by the arm and try to coax you into either getting a drink in the bar they are working for, or for some other option available in the sex trade. Believe me, when you leave that alley you feel that you have personally become corrupted in some way.

Along the same alley along the street Suriwong, there are some massage parlours which have very attractive guys who are eager to please, and are eager for your tips! Some of these places even I was too shy to enter!
Other neighbourhoods around the city where there are gay clubs include Pradipat, which is near an area called Sepan Kwai ( Buffalo Bridge) where the clubs are low scale, and the massage guys are mostly from poor villages in the Northeast. I honestly only walked through these areas. 

Ramkhamhaeng is an area for those who want to experience a more genuine local flavour. The music played in these clubs is not the quintessential gay acoustics sound, but local Thai and sometimes Chinese indie music. It is better to go with a Thai friend to these places as English is spoken less once leaving the tourist areas.
Ramkhamhaeng is a university area so many of the clubs here will cater to the university students. I love the fun foam parties which happen and sometimes the drag queen shows at night.

Bangkok's gay scene is evolving and growing and there are areas which I have yet to experience. Each time I return to this city of hedonist fun I am always amazed with the creative ways gays have fun here, and it is never a boring moment!


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