BALI: Feeling the Magic naturally

I went to Bali with my Thai soul friend on an all inclusive package deal which included the air flight from a renown travel company in Bangkok. Travelling this way allowed us to stay in a nice five star hotel by the sea, and since the few people with us in our group were older and having a wise tour guide allowed us to avoid the scenes which were very commercial, and avoiding the "tourist traps" which we didn't want to see, and seeing more of the natural and cultural sites on Bali. 

On this trip we experienced many places of interest, but I will only mention the places which stood out for me and which stayed in my memories. 
We were living in Thailand at the time and naturally compared the food and the beaches  which we knew in Thailand of which were our favourites. Naturally we favoured Thai over Bali in both situations.

We came to Bali to experience another culture, and to see if there was still some exoticism in that Hindu kingdom island. 
The hotel we stayed at had fresh air breezes in every possible way, as the hotel lobby  as well as the hallways and some rooms were naturally ventilated without the air conditioner running. 
The first night we strolled on the beach behind our hotel. The sounds of the sea combined with the thoughts of arriving in Bali started to infect my senses and I was dancing playfully on the beach, at times imitating the Balinese style dances from my interpretations, laughing and playing in the waves which crashed near my feet. I must admit I really felt some magic of Bali at that moment!

We saw many beautiful places of interest, and I will mention Tanah Lot as one of the more mysterious locations which really caught my fancy. I enjoyed the vibes around that area and watching the tides rush over and crash ephemerally into the rock which the temple was located on.

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Our group requested to avoid places like Kuta and all the activities for party goers, and instead we were shown more nature, with rides down country roads and high into the cool mountains.

Taman Arun was a temple which stood out in my memory as a place which I had felt calm, mystery as well as a sense of some live spiritual vibes. Little offerings on a leaf with small coloured items were sacrificed to the spirits around the temple. Luckily we had arrived during a low time as the place was not crowded, which gave it still a somewhat private feeling!

Due to the fact we were on a tour, we were more limited in what we could experience, which gives me a good incentive to come again to Bali independently and travel more in the off road places as well as experience more of the island as well as the other islands in Indonesia.

No Indonesia visa needed at that time!


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