Nepal: Village wandering with my Nepali friend

I have visited Nepal about six times in my life so far as it is one of my favourite places in the world to visit. The Nepali people I have met and interacted with were gentle, polite and hospitable to me. 

Thamel is an area in Kathmandu which is usually the first place tourists encounter when arriving in Nepal. It is Kathmandu's answer to Bangkok's Kao San road. Just outside Thamel are small neighbourhoods which I had a delightful time wandering through. They had small winding back roads full of local life and away from the tourist scene. Wandering down the small streets in those areas one could witness a small festival in the street, the smell of incense wafting in the air, and all the busy interactions of people going about their everyday life. I  remember on one of my first visits wandering into a men's hair salon which also offered a massage. It was one of the first massages given to me by a male that I have ever had.

I met my Nepali friend and travelled together around the Kathmandu Valley on motorbike with me sitting on the back of the motorbike holding on. We rode through small dusty towns and eventually up into the mountain. Staying in local guest houses gave me an insight on Nepali life as well as trying new cuisine. We went to a traditional Tibetan restaurant one night and had traditional Nepali food the other times. Many of the small towns in the Kathmandu Valley were quiet or at times seemed deserted!

I love the locally made yak milk cheese. It is a hard cheese like some of the Spanish ones or like Italian Pecorino, but has an exotic gamy taste of yak to it!  Each time I am in Nepal I usually buy some at the local diary shops. I was able bring some home with me safely in my carry on bag.

When I am using this cheese at home, it reminds me of the yak from which it is  produced. Somehow it makes my dinner feel more exotic!

I once was on a  trip into the mountains which turned out to be a small trekking venture. There was a  nationwide transport boycott brought on by "Maoist" troops which brought transportation to a standstill. We made the trek in an unhurried fashion down the mountain and back to Kathmandu, wandering through villages which looked like this one. We had a fun adventure!


  1. LOVE yak cheese! We went a bit crazy with it when we were in Nepal...