Yazd:  Foodie Adventure in Iran.  Yazd is a big town in the desert. I suppose one might imagine finding camels in the desert, and according to different traditions, camels are part of the local diet. Luckily for me, I had the opportunity to try a very good local specialty. I had been invited by my friend in Yazd to have dinner and he suggested that I try the camel curry. I agreed and enjoyed it very much. Camel meat when cooked in a stew with potatoes looks and resembles beef from a cow, but the taste and texture is a bit different. I think I like camel meat better! I know it is much healthier than beef, as it is leaner and it has a good source of protein. The curry spices were expertly prepared and didn't overpower the taste of camel.

A natural yoghurt drink with some herb which tasted very similar to the Indian beverage "lassie". The yoghurt was made from cow's milk.

When I was living in the Gulf countries, I tried camel's milk. It was fresh and still warm. I found it tasted gamy but delicious. Camel's milk has much more vitamin C and also iron. I wish we could find camel milk and camel meat available outside of the Middle East.