Shiraz: Discovering a wonderful city with charm

Shiraz: Discovering a wonderful city with charm

When I arrived in Shiraz I knew straight away it was love at first sight! There are some select cities in the world which I deem to be on my favourites list, but Shiraz deserves to be among the top three on my list!
Unlike hurried and somewhat formal Tehran, Shiraz has a laid back feel, a bit chaotic and disorganised. The air has a more tropical and warm feel to it, perhaps a faint floral scent at times? I encountered many places with outside street food which I would be very interested in exploring as that food would be what local Shirazi people snack on. 
Shiraz before the Islamic Revolution was also famous for Shiraz grapes and Shiraz wine. I've been told that Jews and Christians are still allowed to make their own for their own use in rituals. I would love to try some of the local Shiraz wine!

People seem to smile more in Shiraz. Tehran guys are handsome and hunky but Shiraz guys I have witnessed are more void of the pretense and intense nervous looks. Although less fashionable at times, Shiraz guys seem to make up for it in their sexy looks, dark swarthy complexion and a smile which they give more freely!
I got an opportunity to meet a long time friend of mine who I would chat with online who lives in Shiraz. He is tall and thin with very intense looks and a manicured beard which makes him look very threatening. He met me at my hotel and together we went on a small adventure around his city, and back to his family place which was on the outskirts of the city in a residential area far off the beaten path. I followed him through dark hallways in a large building which I assumed was a family home and quietly into his room. He cooked a special Persian dinner for me made from various local herbs and vegetables and some meat. We visited for several hours and danced to some funny campy music until it was early in the morning. He sent me back by taxi and I crawled back to my hotel room after the merciful night guard grudgingly opened the hotel door for me to enter. No one was following or monitoring my movements in Shiraz.

There are many beautiful historic locations around Shiraz area. I enjoyed the Cyrus the Great monument. He was a great humanitarian and a progressive thinker.
I met some fun Iranian guys around that area and together we took photos together ( but some didn't turn out so well).

 There are some intricate, breathtaking works of art everywhere where painstaking details were made by hand in various places in buildings such as mosques, hamami (bath houses), monuments carved out of a rock as well as in picturesque Persian gardens.

an old hamam ( bath house)

I am catching some sun rays at Naranjestan Gardens

There are so many places and exotic guys to explore and meet around Shiraz that I will definitely be coming back to this city in the near future.


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