Shiraz: A stay at a traditional Persian Hotel

A Stay at a Traditional Persian Hotel

During my journey around Iran, I was lucky to stay at traditional Persian style hotels and not the usual could be anywhere look hotel. The traditional Persian hotels usually had a court yard with huge couches which have a carpet to soften the board one sits on, and some big pillows are around the couch. There is usually a reflecting pool in the centre of the court yard and at times some trees or plants scattered around. This hotel had hooka pipe service and also an intimate hang out on the roof top which also had hooka pipe service. Breakfast and dinner were served in the courtyard area.
Our rooms were located at the edge of the court yard and each room had a character of it's own and the size of each room differed as well. In this hotel, the names of the rooms were from people in the Bible ( or Koran?)
The hotel was hidden in long dark narrow alleyways which winded and suggested a feeling of "Aladdin's Magical Kingdom" feel to it.

This was my room, which was at the edge of the court yard. The lock was above the door and it lead to a unique style room.

One of the exotic doors I found along the winding alley ways going to the hotel


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