Tehran: Dining at famous Pardis ( Pardiso) Restaurant in Fashionable North Tehran

While visiting around the more upscale North Tehran, we went for a nice lunch in the famous "Pardis" (Pardiso) Restaurant on Vali Asr Street. This busy restaurant at first looks like a fast food place as the photos showing the different food choices reminded me of a Taco Bell shop, but when looking at the more well heeled "aunties and uncles" patrons as well as a local celebrity, whose appearance was brought to everyone's attention, we came to learn that this was not an ordinary place to go. 

photo: website

I enjoyed a local favourite which was made with fried aubergine and rice and topped with a nice crusty and crispy rice layer on top. It was very filling, and the local non alcoholic beer really hit the spot. A perfect lunch!

After lunch we drove further around North Tehran and visited the White Palace, a former palace of the Shah and Queen which was away from the busy city. The air was clean, and the temperatures were somewhat cooler.  We also went to a favourite haunt where modern young Tehranis would go to hang out, smoke hooka pipe and take a lift to the top of a mountain where one could see a bird's eye view of Tehran. It was windy and dusty, but a great view of Tehran! ( and all it's smog!)


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