ISTANBUL: Catching some local colour around Taksim

Istanbul: Catching some local colour around Taksim

Having been to Istanbul several occasions in years past, each time I visit this city of the crossroads between Asia and Europe, I get a different impression and see her in a new way.
I have taken some photos which caught my novice lens which I feel describe the feeling of Istanbul I was experiencing during this last trip.

I love Turkish coffee and especially sitting at coffee places which are lively- good atmosphere! This one is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Istaklal through some winding back streets.

Turkey had recently experienced some rather tense demonstrations. I felt the tension in the air somewhat, and the police in riot gear seemed to add to it more.

I wandered into an old Catholic church in Istanbul- It is a great feeling to experience a church and knowing that Turkey is a predominantly Moslem country.


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