SITGES, Spain: Experiencing the Low Season Magic

Sitges:  Experiencing the Low Season Magic

When you mention the name of this Spanish seaside city, immediately images of beach, sunshine and summer holiday fun come to mind.
I like to experience a popular place when the busy crowds are less, and when the main attraction that time of the year is not always the beach and sun.

More care and attention is experienced, and the more personal connections happen. We stumbled into a delightful surprise in a local restaurant hidden among the many side streets in Sitges.

The two chefs, Juan and Pinyiar were very passionate about their food, where the local ingredients came from, ( they named the town where the potatoes they use came from, 3 kilometers away from the restaurant), and they gave us very personal and quality time, with nice conversation. We thought we had entered a fine dining restaurant! 
We had local red wine which we enjoyed very much and finished off with a specially prepared dessert!  It made a wonderful memorable evening.

Although it was not swimming season, the beach was very beautiful and inviting! Some brave people were splashing and enjoying it's refreshing chill. We had a perfect beach walk and fresh air.

We did have a chance to swim though. The hotel pool was heated and had several fun aspects to it. I was imagining how this pool would be like during the busy season, as the hotel is famous for gay men staying and enjoying during Sitges holiday time.

A stroll along the back winding roads in the old area allowed us a serendipitous experience when we had a chance encounter with a cute man from Israel who was renting a space and trying to sell products made with salt from the Dead Sea. 
We had a playful moment, all of us giggling when we sampled the salt scrub, anti aging cremes, etc. 

He greeted us with " I've been waiting for you both all day"! 

I certainly would fancy visiting Sitges during the high season to add a new dimension to my experience, seeing all the gay guys in their prime, during Sitges prime time season.


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