Jerusalem : Our Jerusalem Experience

Our Jerusalem Experience

Jerusalem is one of those places which is more challenging to process and describe the feeling. The atmosphere in the city is, as expected, rather intense. There are all the energies of the religions in the "Holy Land", with all the hidden drama and feelings. I suppose I would more accurately describe it from my viewpoint, that Jerusalem is like an old uncle who "had really experienced a lot of it." 
Tel-Aviv has a youthful and playful feeling, whilst The Holy City is, well, holy, and more sombre, more potentially volatile in emotion, ideology, etc.

view point from up the stairs nearby

 en encounter at one of the narrow winding souqs.

 some fun lads on a back street near  Mesjid al-Aqsa

 cute guys at an olive market at Mekhane Market

  The view when stepping out on the veranda when we had special access to dinner, wine and snacks on the VIP lounge in Crowne Plaza Hotel Jerusalem

  I LOVE spice markets!

We were in Jerusalem during the Sabbath, and all establishments were closed, except a lively place on a back street. We had a fun dinner and watched a lively scene!


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