SWITZERLAND: A Day Adventure around Zurich and environs.

SWITZERLAND:  A Day Adventure around Zurich and it's Environs.

Our flight to South Africa had twice a full day stop over in Zurich, which is probably the only reason why we went to Switzerland or even Zurich. Due to several hours between flights which we went out of the airport each time and explored the city.

We tried a local pastry which has plums in it.

We visited Uetliberg which is just outside of Zurich city centre. It is also at Uitikon.
There is a pleasant stroll in a forest countryside feeling and an upscale hotel is at the top of the way, named Uto Kulm.   We enjoyed some Swiss wine and relaxed in the atmosphere for a while.

We did enjoy an entertaining experience in the Zurich Airport at a whiskey tasting.


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