Our Purpose

We are Vagaybonds - and we have been traveling the world. Social networking has opened the world of travel in ways never imagined and although we have been to over 53 countries and lived in 8, the world has never been smaller. Our motivation for travel has taken on a new purpose! We are now traveling from place to place and experiencing the world through the eyes of "family", our Queer community. We are a diverse "family" and yet we have a unique kinship bond that transcends race, creed, color, gender, politics, and whatever else has been thought of.

We look forward to the destinations we have yet to experience and the roads that are less traveled to bring you the culture, food, drink, wine, life, love, and friendship of our "family". Come along with us and meet new friends, their favorite places to play and have fun, meet their families and their places of work - We know that as you meet these wonderful people that are known as; Gay, Lesbian, BI, Transexual, Queer, and so on - we call them family, you will be encouraged to live your life unhindered and full of gratitude.

Molivos, Lesbos, Greece

We gaily travel the four corners of the world making friends with other gay men, mutually sharing our lives, blogging about, their culture, food, drink, and experiences that celebrate life.

Click over to travel with us, to find out where we are off to next and find out about future group travels.

Chris and Jim (CJ)


  1. Finally had a chance to really click around your site. Love your purpose – that you are experiencing the world through "family" – and message. Good going guys!

    1. Thanks guys I'm heading over to your post right now to find out more of your experiences in Hawaii. And just why you can't quit Hawaii. We hope we can see you this year I think it will be really fun.