Nazret, Ethiopia: Food Adventures while changing buses

Changing buses in Nazret, Ethiopia was a fun experience- I had time to wait for the connecting bus to Sodere, a thermal water town, so I wandered around this busy city. 

The electric was out all over the city for the evening but that did not stop life as usual from going on. Crowds of people were in the streets shopping, walking, eating and with the usual hustle and bustle.

Among the different hawkers in the streets I sampled a package of potato crisps/sticks, which were being made right there on the street. Each package was 3 Birr- they tasted great!
I especially thought the potato crisp/sticks tasted great with fruit drinks which I had thoroughly enjoyed ordering fruit drinks as often as I was able to. My usual favourite was avocado, layered with guava, mango, and pineapple- a small slice of lime would add the final squirt of tangy suprise ! My friend and I each had a drink, 2 for 16 Birr ( around $1 USA) It was very healthy and fresh. I could easily live on drinks like this!


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