Arabian Peninsula: True Male Bonding

A stroll along the Corniche, especially alone, later at night can be a new adventure as horny local guys in big fancy cars go cruising for some fun and new friendships. It is great fun to meet new friends!
During the day the sultry weather keeps people indoors in an air conditioned environment, but at night I would go for a swim in the gulf waters to feel refreshed and for exercise. I would walk home on purpose at night as I knew that I would be stopped at some time by some local guys who would offer to take me back home but with a few long detours in their car.
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 When getting into his car we would just drive around together, looking for different things to see, and eventually taking me back to my flat with him following me back to my notorious room.
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My other friends would call me to come out for a fun drive at night too. With one guy driving behind the wheel, the other friend and I would crawl around and stand up in the convertible roof and dance around while our car would be in motion. We would come up to another car and  later race with them. Other times, the guys in the next car would be out cruising like us and they would make us stop the car in a quiet back street and, ultimately,a few of them would be pulling up the car roof while the others pulling our pants down in the car! 
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Sometimes in the quiet side streets, slowly driving cars would drive past me with a guy saying, "come into my car, I want to fuck you! Come into my car now!" The actual (predictable) action wasn't as fun or exciting as the chase and the games played before the actual deed.

 If we were near some new office buildings which were still under construction, and therefore empty, we would sneak inside, and they would pull my pants down to the ground and enter me!

I had a funny friend who saw me still in the company van coming home from work, and we were passing him and he saw me inside the van. Next time he got me he took down my pants and spanked me as well as entering me, in his convertable, even as a police car passed by!

We never felt they were going to do any harm, just some male bonding, for me it was an intercultural guy to guy physical contact experience, that's all.

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