Prague, Czech Republic, Jirka and Martin

Prague, Czech Republic

A political , economic and cultural centre in Central Europe, with a population around 1.5 million people. Prague survived well from the World War II catastrophe, and has a unique old world charm, especially in the stary mesto (old town) squares and small streets.

The Food

Meat- lots of it, and knedlik (a dumpling usually made from potato), sausages, and some favourite vegetable items like sauerkraut. There are endless specialties, in general a meat lovers paradise. Beer goes well with every meal wonderfully here.

The Drink

It goes without saying that  the Czechs, in my opinion as well as many others, have one of the best beer experiences. Beer gardens which are in the middle of small towns, on biking trails we go on, and have names like Krušovice, Gambrinus, Staropramen, Plzeňský Prazdroj, just to name a few as well as local regional names! I know wine is produced in the Moravia area but I haven’t tried any of it yet.

The Sweets

Sweets are wonderful in the Czech Republic. I love having a local specialty cake with coffee in an old style café in Prague, the type your great aunty would take her snooty friends to in order to “put on an air”. There is another favourite of mine which is fun for taking on a picnic or to pop into your bag for a lift, called “pernik”. It is a small cake made of gingerbread, and has various fillings, plum (povidla) is one which comes to mind. I also like kolaczky, and almost every kind of bakery cake and pastry, especially when we pop into a pastry shop in a spontaneous moment together! I could smell the aroma of the pastry shops now!

Exploring Gay Life, Love, & Friendship

Jirka and Martin

Gay Life

Gay lifestyle is accepted, and same sex marriage is legal in the Czech Republic.  Jirka and Martin had their ceremony as well as my other friends with their partners. Prague is a relatively small city, so the number of gay bars are small but active and fun, as well as other gay venues like sauna, leather/ sm clubs, as well as others.

Gay Love

I've know Jirka for over 20 years or more and knew his first lover, also named Jirka. Martin, his latest partner has been in his life for several years. I consider them among my very closest gay friends, and I hope we continue this loving relationship until my last breath.


It has been over 20 years since I first time met Jirka and everyone in his circle of friends. We have been travelling together, eating, playing, touring old castles, camping, hiking, swimming, canoeing, picnics, and enjoying life in every possible way. They have been impressing me with their life and sharing with me since the first day we met!

I consider Prague my second home and whenever I go back home I stay with Jirka. Enjoy one or our crazy adventures while we were in Italy together.

We all went by a private chartered Czech motor coach to Calabria, Italy. My friends luckily arranged everything in advance and the price was quite reasonable. We stayed in Praia e Mare area in a campsite which also let out small cottages- most of the clientele were from the former Socialist countries, and the costs were favourable to afford a good time. There was an outdoor disco, a bar, a small supermarket as well as some touristy souvenir shops in the camp area. 

A private part of the beach was available and we took advantage of that- as well as swimming into the grottos and freezing water lagoons which were blue/green in colour! There was a strange water slide park which was fun. There was a pizzeria nearby but the pizza wasn’t good. We ate Czech food which we made together in the cottage. You can imagine the adventure of shopping in a local Italian supermarket, buying ingredients from the markets in town. We also brought our own Czech beer which we preferred more than Italian beer, but the local Peroni beer was good.

In the Summer of 2011, Jirka and Martin came to Honolulu, Hawaii and stayed with us for a month. We toured around the island, went camping, swimming, kayaking, and had a truly memorable, quality time together. We all shall never forget our time together!


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