Honolulu, Hawaii, Ken

Honolulu, Hawaii

In the Hawaiian language, Honolulu means "sheltered bay" or "place of shelter". The city has been the capital of the Hawaiian islands since 1845. Honolulu has a large skyline and Ken lives right in it's heart. As of April 2012, the city had over 470 high rises, which is ranked fourth in the United States behind New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Similar to New York City and Chicago, highrises are located in more than just the downtown area; neighboring and nearby neighborhoods, including Ala Moana and Waikiki, include large clusters of office, residential, and hotel high-rises, extending from Downtown all the way to Diamond Head.

Originally from Valdosta, Georgia - Kenny is incredible. A young veteran of the armed forces, USMC, United States Marine Corps, now how butch is that? Ken is OUT to friends and family.  A man of faith, he leads a wonderfully full loving and giving life. He is an advocate for the gay faith community and had an internship at Intersections International in New York, New York. He is Founder and CEO of KLR Productions a parent company of Menace Films and The Gentleman's Kitchen. KLR Productions will also soon include Joya (bar/restaurant in Honolulu), and the Mae Retha Coley Scholarship Fund "to Promote and encourage youth to further their education in order to be the best they can be and contribute positively to society." Ken just returned from Spain as part of Hawaii Pacific University summer student exchange program. What's Next?


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