Amsterdam, Netherlands: Apple Pancakes

I am recalling my third trip to Amsterdam ( first was a weekend trip with my friend when I lived in UK, the second was on a holiday time with my Indian ladyfriend)- I was on route to USA after finishing my contract in the Arab Gulf, and had a few days stop over in this city.
Strolling in  the city this time around seemed very different. I found Amsterdam much cleaner in my last trips in the past, but maybe I was just younger and had rosy glasses on?
The quiet walks along the canals, gazing at the handsome old houses from as far back as the 1700s was a highlight, as well as the experiences in the "coffee house". I stayed at a pleasant B & B along one of the canals in an old house, wandering through the markets and squares, flower market, book shops selling EVERY imaginable book, the notorious back streets area, as well as passing hours by at a cafe ( which serves coffee!) watching a cosmopolitan cultural parade of people pass.


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