Alexandria, Egypt: Le Metropole Hotel

Le Metropole Hotel 

Here is a picture of another room in the hotel (the business centre) internet service as well as printer were free for guests - you can be on line whilst looking at the decor, wall paintings, curio cabinets with old looking books in the room

There was an old looking lift which had a long black cable which hoisted the lift up and down but I found it too scary to ride and much rather walk up and down the carpeted stairs and look at the paintings on the walls and other interior designs.

After having found a good deal on line for this hotel I felt, it would be fun to try this kind of hotel. It was definitely from my opinion the first and last "foofy foofy" hotel I will go to, but it was a fun experience. Breakfast was spectacular and all kinds of different things to try. Rooms in this hotel, include the dining room, the meeting room, the business centre, all feel like something a great old auntie would like and would stay in. There are oil paintings everywhere, Louis the 16th era furniture, curio cabinets with china, crystal, and other kinds of collections.
                     (door leading to my room)


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