Bali, Indonesia: Exotic tourist playground

I went to Bali with my Thai friend on a tour group including a 5 star hotel room. At first when we stepped out of the airport looking for our tour we felt a bit strange, in my mind I told myself," oh- two days here are enough"- but later when we got settled and away from the traps and big city feeling the exotic mystical happy feeling invaded my soul when I was on the beach of our hotel.
We went around ( unfortunately like tourists! on a tourist bus) - My favourite places being TANAH LOT and other spiritual places like that. Bali didnt seem to be as crowded and commerical as places in Thailand, but it was more low season when we went. Our hotel had a psudo waterfall in the swimming pool ( I enjoyed it nontheless!) and a hottub. The hotel staff were in my opinion a bit surly and overworked.

The food was a bit of a disappointment ( coming from Thailand!) and the vendors were a bit aggressive like any tourist place- I made a vow to myself to go again to Bali and stay away from the tourist areas and expat places and try to wander around on my own or meet a local Balinese to show me - through Balinese eyes how the real life there is.


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