Vathi, Greece: Samos Dawn had just broke

Arriving off of a night ferry from Mykonos, on our way to make a connection to Kusadasi, Turkiye, we had a few hours to quickly explore the vicinity and have a brief introduction to the neighbourhood in the port called Vathi, one of the larger towns on the island Samos.

Dawn had just broke which gave the scene around the harbour/ waterfront and town on the horizon a rather eerie and haunting feeling. The architecture and the atmosphere of this island was much different than the Cyclades in Greece, in my opinion resembling Turkiye more.

After having a Greek coffee in the coffee shop near the port, I wandered up a steep, stepped hill where I passed by a few old churches and wandered around areas where people were slowly waking up, doing morning activities.

Wandering more around the waterfront, salty air tickling my nostrils made my heart glad. Passing shops, hotels and an old church, I craved a second "fix" of Greek coffee but our boat, which looked more like a fishing boat, was preparing to depart soon so I preceded to the Greek customs and immigration office and boarded the boat going across the sea to Kusadasi in Turkiye.

I hope to return to properly see Samos and the beaches including places like Votsalakia and meet some fun guys who also enjoy Greek coffee and Greek sweets and want to hang out together and want to visit other less visited islands around Greece.  I welcome any advice and suggestions!


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