Bangkok, Thailand, My Thai sister

Family Picnic
I am remember when I saw my Thai sister for the first time, the smiling face, wiry long hair, often different coloured and streaked, playful and enjoying spontaneous laughter and a streak of carefree in her life. Enjoying and living life to the fullest, my “Thai sister” has been in my life for almost two decades. I have learned greatly from her about how to see life as it comes.

Having lived with her in her three homes which she owns in Bangkok, ( complete with 12 noisy dogs, and her own private wildlife farm, which includes monkeys, peacocks, and other creatures, and an aquatic house which she specially designed for exotic fish) I’ve never seen her lose her temper, or quarrel with others who might have difficult personalities. She is very generous with everything and has a quintessential happy go lucky way of life.

Enjoying simple but healthy and delicious Thai food, drinking coffee together in a café or in a park, and we both love to devour durian together!

I find myself learning from her each time we spend time together. Having lost both of her parents at an early age as well as other relatives and various hardships, she lives life as it were the last day! She will be part of my family until our last breath.


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