Oahu Hawaii, USA: Kahana Bay Picnic

Kahana Bay: My spirits began to awaken and soar again the moment we left Honolulu- heading to beaches near north shore. It was a state holiday so my best lovely friend and I decided to go camping in a quiet, wooded campsite by the beach ( national camp site area)- Who said Oahu beaches are so crowded? We had our tent up, roasted Bratwursts for dinner on a camping stove, an evening walk on the beach with a glass of wine, feeling the waves tickle our feet, a pleasant sleep in the tent ( believe me the ocean waves were louder than any of the traffic sounds!)- no one was bothering us at all. Wonderful pancakes and the rest of the bratwurst were cooked for breakfast by our tent and freshly brewed Turkish coffee served in small "finjan" cups made the morning fun! The sounds and colours of the sea invited us in to body surf and play in the waves, oh gosh I swallowed so much sea water as the waves got me that day!

A perfect and memorable day- and it wasn't a weekend but Tuesday and Wednesday get away! Life is short - one needs to do things like that more often!


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