Oahu Hawaii, USA: Healing Pools

I've been to the ocean playing in a VERY beautiful part of the island in eastern Oahu. It is very quiet and a bit secluded with no people around or near me. In the ocean is a place where I like to go where a lava barrier made a small round "tub" like area where the huge, powerful ocean waves don't hit directly into. I crawl into that area and am very careful not to disturb any of the life, shells, colourful orange algae whatever and small fish going on about their lives in it. 

 I humbly sit in this pool, which goes up to my shoulders and when gazing in front of me I get scared a bit when I see HUGE waves rolling quickly towards me but crash into the lava moments before they would actually hit me. After the waves crash, foamy bubbles from the crash of the wave invade my secluded pool tub where I sit in and surround me, making me feel like I am sitting in a huge vat of effervescent champagne! lovely! I giggle as it first tosses my body a bit, then fizzes and foams up around me. When the waves are extra strong hitting the lava barrier, the foam more resembles a head of foam on a good stout or porter!  I sit there a long time until my legs get tired of sitting ( I am afraid of disturbing any wild life below) but crawl out when I feel I've had enough, and am so refreshed and calm- almost as if I were sitting in a healing pool.

I had the opportunity to go on a local hike with a gay guy hiking group. We went to a location which was remote and a challenge to walk to along the shore line where the tidal pools are. There was a hidden area where we all undressed and were all playing in the tidal pools naked together! The waves were a bit strong so when I was sitting in the tidal pool and saw the wave crashing nearby, I knew the inertia from the wave would be strong, which it was as it pushed me against the lava and it was an excuse for our bodies to uncontrollably collide into each other playfully! Another guy in the hiking group, stood up totally naked, and started handing each of us a chunk of pineapple out of a plastic baggy he prepared for the hike. It was a great male bonding time and the perfect afternoon to enjoy it all! 


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