Oahu Hawaii, USA: Lava Walk

This is one of the prettiest areas of Oahu. I love the ocean and walking along the shoreline of the ocean makes me feel more at one with it and with the rest of nature. Far enough away from the frenzied and tourist flocks, I like to take off my sandals and allow my feet to also partake in all the senses, ending up with a vigourous foot massage.

I mindfully step around the old coral segments and the ancient black lava build ups, which were there when Oahu was growing. Small colourful fish which might belong in someone's home aquarium swim around in the small pools between lava buildups, and an occasional black crab peers out. I continue my gentle hike, ocean breeze and mist on my face and the salty air in my nose, I spot here and there some native Hawaiian flowers and plants which grow naturally, the corner of my eye catches a glimpse of huge waves crashing nearby. I feel calm and have no feeling to rush off anywhere.

Sometimes the lava formations in the shore make a tidal pool which is round and big enough for me to sit inside, the sea going up to my shoulders, and sheltered enough to only see the ocean waves crash close by, stirring up the water in my tidal pool, making it foamy. I imagine myself sitting in a big vat of bubbly champagne! Another lava formation, using one's imagination, resembles a sofa with the sea water gently washing one's feet after an adventurous hike.

Another day, I would come back to where I left off and continue along the way, meandering along the lava shoreline, eventually going to a famous beach.
                 (sourced photo)

Do you care to join me on this journey?


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