Honolulu, Hawaii, Bob & Rodney

Honolulu, Hawaii - Tantalus

Bob and Rodney live on the winding, hillside road from Tantalus to Round Top in Honolulu, Hawaii which dates back to 1892. The beautiful Tantalus Drive and Round Top Drive were gravel roads when they were completed in 1917, but were paved in 1937. In March 2007, a seven-mile stretch of the road was added to the State Register of Historic Places, and in August 2009 to the National Register of Historic Places, where there is a nice forested park which we enjoy walking around in and visiting an interesting look out point which gives a bird's eye view of Honolulu down below.

The Food:

When Rodney and Bob cook it is always an extravagant looking affair!  I recall now every food occasion we had with them was special. Fancy china plates, crystal glass ware for wine, centrepiece in the middle of the table!  We tasted various styles of fish, lamb, with vegetables, and the Christmas dinners we were invited to had multiple courses, each with carefully planned and delicious meals!

We believe both Bob and Rodney have as much as a sweet tooth as Chris and I both have. Pies, cakes and small samplings of something sweet which would go good with tea or black coffee.

The Wine:

Rodney and Bob have sophisticated taste in wine, and they were the ones who got us started in developing our wine interests when they brought us a 2000 vintage Pommard red wine from France. Our wine tastes have matured thanks to their influence!

Gay Life:

Rodney was born in Pennsylvania and was a pediatrician. He lived and worked in many countries around Africa, and is very keen on African cultures and has an enormous collection of African curios, masks and other art from around Asia and Africa.

Rodney had a full family with several children, allowing him to savour the best of both worlds. He is an avid world traveler and has a large coterie of friends whom he has known for many decades. Throughout his life, Rodney continues in activism for racial rights as well as marriage equality rights for "non traditional marriage" for same sex relationships.

Bob hails from the Pennsylvania Dutch area and was a horticulturalist and professor.  Already in his 70s, Still having a green thumb, he meticulously maintains a garden of Eden which has terraces of beautiful plants, trees and beautiful colourful flowers of every imaginable type. He also is an avid world traveler together with his partner Rodney.

Gay love:

During our visits, we would hear about the adventures in life which Bob and Rodney had together. They had a fun story of how they met together in an almost flirty, clandestine way on university campus where Bob was teaching. Rodney was telling how they " talked all night long on the first time they met". Soon as their relationship grew they moved into apartments next door to each other. "We broke down the wall which separates our two apartments" so they can stay together. Bob already had many plants on his veranda.


Rodney and Bob have an active life which involves their friends whom they have known for many decades, and have intimate Christmas dinner parties for their neighbours who live in their close knit community. It seems to be a tradition for them.


Bob and Rodney are our “anchors” in Honolulu and also our celebrities. Chris contacted them after reading their chapter which they wrote in a book.

We visit their sanctuary house which is in the hills away from the crowds and busyness of Honolulu city down below. We go there to absorb the calm and receive their great wisdom as well as great conversation, wine, cheese and memorable dinners which they create. We also had the honour of being invited to their intimate Christmas dinner parties which included gay couples which have been together for as long as 50 years!

They are a special treasure for us and we feel blessed knowing them. They are still very dedicated to their children and also grandchildren whom they visit and support around the world. Whenever we talk with Rodney and Bob we always hear of their busy schedule whether it is to a graduation party trip , a wedding in Germany or a river tour along the Mekong river in Vietnam. We endeavor to model our relationship to the way Rodney and Bob’s style and live our lives with love, wisdom and “things international” as they do. It is our hope that we can all co-ordinate our different schedules on life to someday, all together, make a trip to an interesting location somewhere in the world and continue to enjoy each other’s company.

God bless our dears Rodney and Bob!


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