San Dimas, California, USA: Sergio

San Dimas, California

Located in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley - 25 miles east of Los Angeles along the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, San Dimas is a blend of community amenities, wonderful parks and open space, great recreational and community facilities. What I like about Sergio's hometown is it's small town feel. Originally from Chile, Sergio grew up in San Dimas and he is now the owner of the home he and his family have lived in for years.

Sergio, my very first true "gay" friend and lover. From the first day we met he has been sensitive and respectful to my coming out, not just to myself, but to my family. Sergio's life as a gay man is so natural. It is his life as a gay man that truly shown me that everything was going to be alright.

The love Sergio gives to his many family and friends is without conditions. This guy really, really knows how to express his care for others.


I have had many visits with my good friend - but what stands out is my first visit with my fellow vagaybond and partner Jim. 

We arrived in LA from Hawaii from a late evening flight and without question Sergio opened his heart and home as he opened his San Dimas home to us at 2 am in the morning.

The next night we enjoyed a home cooked meal and a wonderful bottle of wine. Sergio invited his friends and we had a great time talking about our travels and our lives.


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