Sydney, Australia: Mardi Gras

Rocking and Partying all night and morning long! 

My Thai friend and I went to Sydney to experience the famous Sydney Mardi Gras in 2000. I had a wild time! Staying with a friend for the time as the hotels were all fully booked.  With our entry tickets for the event all organised in advance, we partook fully on the All night dancing in different venues around the camp,seeing eye candy everywhere, shirtless torsos gyrating, smells of men and also of "herb", loud music, flashing strobe lights to mesmerise one out of the drinking/drug and dancing coma and into a new hypnotic dancing queen stage which lasted forever!  There were lots of different kinds of  food, funny drag shows, an endless parade with very fun and funny guys with equally amusing costumes, meeting nice guys from everywhere.

We were lucky to have hospitable friends living in the Sydney area with a Thai restaurant. He so kindly allowed us to sleep upstairs above the restaurant for the time we stayed in Sydney. Another friend lived in the neighbourhood by the parade, so we conveniently crawled out from his house and into the parade!  It pays to know nice guys around the world!


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