Mdumbi, South Africa: River Kayak

Mdumbi River is in the Wild Coast in Traanskei area of South Africa. A young lad  in the village we were near by was in charge of hiring some Kayaks for a day of adventure, and we decided to try it. The river was calm and clear, so clear that one could see literally thousands of huge jellyfish floating eerily throughout the river! This made us feel a constant awareness not to tip our kayaks, or even put our feet or limbs in the water for that matter. It was so strange to hit the jellyfish with our kayak paddles!
At first we needed to exert some energy to get ourselves and the kayaks moving, but a sudden burst of energy made the trip last a long time and with our minds allowed to wander and be clear, the experience was absolutely enjoyable! We would watch all kinds of local activity on either side of the banks, either people fishing, having a drink in groups under the trees, with many guys waving to us as we paddled by.
Small flashes of rain sprinkled on us during our adventure, but we enjoyed those moments- we were in the African countryside, in nature!


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