Sri Lanka: I adore this island of Serendipity!

I first have to tell you that I have long time, very close Sri Lankan friends whom I consider my family, and they accept me as part of their family. I see and experience Sri Lanka not as a tourist but like a family member. Staying in their modest home, travelling in their van, we would tour all over the island.  Once sleeping at a beggar's home, and at different relatives along the way, we would eat at local "hotels" which are food shops which serve wonderful tea.

If I were to look up the word "enchanting" I would see Sri Lanka next to it. The Arabs called it Serendib  سرنديب (Serendipity) long ago. I loved going to the hill station town of Nuwara Eliya and staying at a manor house made of teak. I felt like a prince!

A day safari at Yala national park is a must but be careful of the elephants! We needed to be behind a big vehicle to feel protected.

Kataragama is a fun place where the people are laid back (and my friend and I had a fun chance to catch up with our "special" cigarette smoking there!)

Sigiriya and Polonarruwa 
are nice places to see historic Buddhist interests. People are so kind and when you are walking past their house they invite you inside for a small chat and something to drink, sometimes to eat. 

I find myself returning again and again to Sri Lanka and call it one of my homes! In the future I want to find a small simple stone cottage in the misty quiet village somewhere in the highlands  in the hill country area near places like Bandarawela or in the other villages near Kandy or Nuwara Eliya (but not in the town) and go there for fun private parties and to relax as well and make a small bungalow or bed and breakfast when I'm too lazy to be a world nomad any longer. 


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