Pomezia, Italy: Local Fruit and Veggie Egyptian Style

As we stay longer in Pomezia, we discover more of the diversity which exists in Italy. A visit to a neighbourhood greengrocers sheds more on this as we visited a shop owned by an Egyptian lad by the name of Islam. Using my broken and ailing Arabic, we manage a fun conversation during our shopping for nice sized navel oranges, a few fresh red apples and a unique hybrid vegetable which was blended broccoli and cauliflower, which Chris wanted to try. The half kilo of oranges, some apples, the broccoli/cauliflower and a tangerine totaled only €2.50!
With all our transactions done in Arabic with a few words of Italian mixed in from Islam and his visitors who were also Egyptian, it is definitely not improving any of our budding Italian, but improving our cross cultural experiences with interesting men, which is one of our modus opprendi. we chose to frequent this establishment for our daily vegetable and fruit requirements, and perhaps have more chance encounters with interesting Egyptian guys.


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