Pomezia, Italy: Istanbul & Turkish Kebab: Shwarma

We were strolling along via Roma in Pomezia, the town we are staying at, and had a taste for something different. We walked past a curious shop named Istanbul and Turkish Kebab Number1.

It had two nice and cute Kurdish guys who served all sorts of Turkish and Kurdish favourites like kebab, shwarma, kofta, and other middle east staples like falafel and the sort.
The smile of the gentle man behind the counter allured us into trying some of his wares, and we chose the shwarma sandwiches.

I knew a few fundamental greetings and formality sayings in Turkish and we instantly got a warm reception from them, especially when they came to know that we are from California!
When our Schwarma meat was ready, we went through the same ritual which is done at Subway sandwich restaurants, where one chooses from a bar which vegetable toppings and other condiments to add according to ones taste. We had fun pointing out what we required on our Schwarmas, and when I requested a chili pepper on mine the cute man and I simultaneously exchanged a grin.

We ate our Piadina Schwarma outside on the patio furniture while inside there was pop music on the television. This small shop was a big hangout for the Kurdish and Turkish community, we could watch the guys pass by as we enjoyed our cross cultural experience as well as our feeling of supporting the international community in the area. We even got handshakes and more smiles from our new found friends as we handed back the plates to them upon leaving!


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