Ristorante Gusto Leo, Tuscany

As lunchtime approached we all filed into a calm, semi-touristy restaurant where the multi lingual menu was a place setting, but still had an intimate atmosphere. 

After each of us settled on something to eat; most of us having pizza of some variety but Gino had the Risotto, and Andrea had soup. Chris and I shared a healthy sized procuitto crudo pizza. 

Raniero knowing that I like spice sprinkled some crushed chili with his spoon over his slice and reached over on to mine. He raised an eyebrow when I sprinkled a second spoonful. I love ferocious heat on everything and living in Thailand fueled my heat fetish even more! 

We all shared a woven straw covered bottle of local Chianti, which Raniero suggested the server let Chris who is the wine aficionado, sample before pouring for each of us, while two others had chosen a beer. I focused my attention on the chatter and laughter of the guys in our group, hearing about the mediocre risotto from Gino, and, after tasting Raniero's beer. 

Gino's ice cream, which was rolled in a coating of chocolate powder, came rolling around past us which we curiously tasted. The experience was so cozy it felt like we were the only ones being served at Gusto Leo.

To finish off our lunch, the server brought us complementary shot glasses of limoncino, 

an Italian alcoholic aperitif made from lemons, which made us feel even happier, with me almost tripping on the glass opening in the floor, which exposed the details of an excavation of an ancient artifact under the restaurant floor, ready to stroll out into the streets of Florence again.


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