Kytlice, Czech Republic: Bonding in a Czech country cottage

My long time Czech friends and I drove together in their old Skoda car to a small village about 4 hours drive called Kytlice. We stayed in a cozy,quaint country cottage which was around 90 years old and had a lovely wooden aroma throughout the cottage. This cottage was owned by my friend's place of  employment so it was very inexpensive to let  for the weekend. It was a perfect nature get away and another opportunity for us all to bond and enjoy each other like we have been doing for over 20 years already. 

We cooked dinner, talked and laughed all day and all night and just took it easy. We enjoyed long country walks  the Czech countryside through forested areas, glimpsing a rare red fox at play, and swishing our feet through icy cold springs were some of the highlights! 

Of course with wonderful Czech beer which we would have at along with trying some local  specialties the pub would be serving, A bit like a ploughman's lunch which would be at a British pub I suppose.
At night we would go up the old creaky staircase up to the large cool room which had a few beds in it, all with a lovely feather duvet, a huge feather pillow, and fresh sheets. It was truly a cozy and almost camping combined with a visit to "grandma's summer cottage" feel to it.
The furniture in the sitting room was from the socialist  Czechoslovakia era, which felt nostalgic but just functional. Bathroom fixtures were modern and hot water was instant and plentiful! 
My lovely Czech friends very fortunately now have a small summer cottage of their own, just outside of Prague, which they make as a cozy "palace", even with their own back garden. I can't wait to see them all and enjoy again!

(photo of my lovely friend Jirka's head by a flower)- This is a rare flower, growing wild in the countryside,which is protected by the government and should not be picked. My friend was making an artistic expression in this pic.

I don't like to carry around a plastic bottle to have my drinking water

Having quality time together! We know each other over 25 years already!


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