LIfe Experiences living in the rich Oil states: Flashy Cars and Fancy guys

I had the opportunity to live in Doha on a contract to work for two years in a language school. It was an interesting experience for me to be living in the Arab Gulf as I was more acquainted with the Levant countries more.

I had my own flat on a busy road which was convenient to all the shops and discount supermarkets. Doha has some rather modern and interesting Arab style architecture, and several roundabouts which serve as landmarks as to where to tell the taxi driver where you are going (followed by their usual "inshallah"). Most of the big salaried people as well as locals live in very luxurious looking villas, all with a high wall surrounding their property. I was sneaked in a few times into some of these big villas by some cute guys, but that is a story for another time.

Most of the Middle East is a very male oriented society. Rarely would I see females around in the streets except for some Palestinian looking women wearing hijab or a lone "chador" clad women in black from head to toe, with just a slit for her to see through. I felt a real comeradery  with local males there which I can't explain - but most Western male male friendships don't have that same feeling. My friends were Pathan, Iranians, hunky Egyptians, Bahraini, and my local friends were very wealthy or came from very wealthy families. They had flashy cars which they treated like toys. They would drive as fast as they could, swerving and on purpose nearly dodging the bumpers of other cars ahead of ours. At times we would stand up in the car, whilst one guy drives, and we would pop our heads out from the sun roof of the car and wave at other drivers. The police never stopped us and he never got a ticket as my friend swears by swerving quickly that the cameras would get a blurred image of the car licence plate.

I would go walking around the old "Souqs" (Arab markets) in Doha. It felt like one stepped back into time  when going into the old ones (of course there are the ultra modern ones too) which sell different spices, jalabas, sweets, music, tea shops, all of them are really novel and fun to wander through as well as smile and flirt with the guys around there. The Corniche is a public area which people stroll around, usually in the evening as the heat of the day is oppressive. It is located near the Gulf waterside, one can see all kinds of faces whilst strolling holding hands with your male friends.

 Late at night my friend and I would drive around the Corniche. Guys with big flashy cars would drive slowly past us with  Gulf style Arabic music blaring from the car.
I couldn't see inside the car because the windows were smoked. Suddenly the window rolled down a bit and I could see a few young handsome Arab guys dressed smartly in "ghutra and thobe" which is the traditional clothing.
                 (internet photo- not  of my friends)

I distinctly remember the waft of strong perfume from the car when the window opened.

Public Domain Image
One of the guys was smiling at us and wanted to take us for a drive and have some fun. My friend told them no. But they wouldn't accept no for an answer and kept following us. My friend said that the "fun" those guys wanted with us was to have sex with us. As we were driving around, guys in other cars, who wanted to pursue us, would chase us until we lost them on some dark back road.

Later when I got to know the locals better I would be met by some of my local friends at my flat and they would  bring me to a place called Al-Wakra which  is a city just a few kilometres away from the capital. Starting off as a pearl harvesting village but now, because of oil prosperity, Al-Wakra became a "happening" city. Usually in public my friend would don the traditional local dress, but last time I saw him he was wearing his fit muscle t-shirt and I instantly knew he was having one of his parties.

Driving up to me in his Ferrari whilst I am walking back home from the market, he tells me to hop in his car and go for a party at his place. I drop the groceries at home and go with him to his place in Al-Wakra where I would spend the night with him and 8 really gorgeous Iranian guys at the male only wing of his private family mansion (the women were segregated to the other side of the mansion which we were not allowed to go, not that we wanted to go) where the all male get together dinner party turned into  a sex crazed party! There was a mattress tossed on the middle of the floor with naughty videos playing, alcohol (illegal for Muslims to have, but his mansion was away from prying eyes!). When I was at that party I got to intimately know him and his 8 new Iranian guests! One guy would hold me down and separate my buttocks cheeks far open for his friend to "get to know me better", and this would continue through the night.
He drove me back home the next morning, but thankfully it was a weekend so I had time to rest up from it all. Those were some of the ways I experienced entertainment - fancy guy and flashy car style!

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